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Mari’s Leonardois available for many different types of activities:
Snorkeling – US Virgins, Spanish Virgins, and BVI - Kayaking -SUP Boarding - Site Seeing - Beach Spots with fun Nightlife and Festivals - Long Range Sailing

Snorkeling in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Some favorite snorkel spots include Peter Bay, Hawksnest Bay, Honeymoon Beach, Maho Bay and Mary Point and some remote locations such as Whistling Cay, Carval Rock, and between Congo and Lovango Cays.

Your safety and comfort is always in mind when choosing the best snorkeling/swimming spots for your memorable time of sailing around the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The U.S. Virgin Island of St. John has numerous swimming and snorkeling areas.  Below is a map designating just a few of the many fun places Mari’s Leonardo will take you.

St. John Snorkeling

Hawksnest Bay
Hawksnest Bay provides a well protected anchorage in most weather except when a northern swell is running (occasionally during the winter).  There is good snorkeling along the Eastern side as well as several beaches.  Chance to see turtles. 

Honeymoon Beach
Beautiful beach with a small but action packed reef. Lots of fish. The best of both worlds. 

Scott Point

Very good snorkeling with a chance to see angel fish

Peter Bay
Nice sandy beach, home to lots of turtles.

Maho Bay
Nice beach, well protected, good snorkeling on a small reef.

Mary’s Point
No beach but great snorkeling in settled weather.

Whistling Cay
Great snorkeling but open to the wind and sea so we only use it in calm conditions.

Carval Rock
Great snorkeling in calm conditions and slack current

West End of Congo Cay

Great snorkeling in calm conditions

North side of Lovango Cay
Good snorkeling in all but the heaviest winds

South side of Lovongo Cay
Especially good when wind is north or east.

Mingo Cay
Good snorkeling in calm conditions

Rendezvous Bay
Good destination when wind is from the north.  Several good reefs.

Reef Bay
Excellent snorkeling but wind must be from the north with lots of fish and extensive reef.

Great St. James (Christmas Cove)
Several good snorkeling spots and excellent all-weather anchorage

Little St. James
Good snorkeling in calm conditions Snorkeling in the Spanish Virgins and the BVI

The Spanish Virgins are only a 3-4 hour sail from SW St.  Thomas area.  These islands offer several nice coves and anchorages,  and are somewhat desolate in population compared to the US Virgins and the BVI.One major attraction is on the Island of Vieques, called Puerto Mosquito.  It is in this bay, thus reported as the brightest Bioluminecent bay in the world, that one can swim in darkness, and experience the bright fluid motion created by the swimmers movement actions throughout the water.  Here is a Moonwatch Calendar that will inform you when the best time would be to visit this natural wonder.

Near Puerto Mosquito Bay are the Bays of Sun Bay and Puerto Real Bay, near Esperanza, where local natives welcome the sailors with their wares and wonderful Puerto Rican quisine along the many endless deep white floury sandy beaches.Other attractions include Tortuga Bay, which has the Jacuzzis on the Isla Culebrita, where one of the largest turtle nesting grounds is located in the powder deep sands stretched along the beach.  A wonderful hiking trail to a centuries old light house makes for a fun afternoon or early morning  hike. Another fun harbor is in Ensenada Hondo near Dewey on the Isla Culebra.  Fun resturants here and on the NW side of island is the famous Flamenco Beach.

Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Just 2-4 hours East of St.  Thomas lies the wonderful BVI chain of 26 islands to  explore,  swim and snorkel.  Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Norman, Peter, Cooper and Anegada are the largest islands with a variety of beaches and swimming areas.

A few of the favorite Snorkeling/swimming areas would be:

     ·                                           The Baths on Virgin Gorda
                                                 The Indians near Norman
                                                 Monkey Point off Guana
                                                 Fallen Jerusalem
                                                 Treasure Point near Norman
                                                 Green Cay
                                                 The Bubbly Pool on Little Jost Van Dyke
                                                 Cane Garden Bay
                                                 The Dogs
                                                 Marina Cay                                                                         

Kayaking – Fun, Fun, Fun

This can be rigorous activity or a relaxed activity.  It really depends on your Kayaking skills.  Most sailors prefer the relaxed skill level because it allows one  to take in more of the sites, explore neat secluded swimming grounds and with the site-glass bucket, view the beautiful depths of the bay with all its fish and coral wonders.  The Kayak can accommodate three swimmers or better  if only two want to share this fun activity.  Take the anchor and anchor near many of the colorful reefs available.

Mari’s Leonardo carries a Two Standup Paddle Boards for those guests that want to enjoy that surf-like experience.

Site-Seeing Opportunities

Visiting land sites from a sailing cruising boat is always exciting.  To begin with one almost has the feeling of what the early pioneer sailors must have felt when rowing to shore not knowing completely what to expect once getting those sea legs onto a strange  land.  Well, visiting many of the wonderful sites in these islands can certainly be felt in this same manner.  Most of the sites are very accessible and not far from that motorized dink, kayak or rowing skiff that you will be using when embarking onto these strange new islands.  The natives welcome us water travelers and due to this type of commerce going on for centuries, most of the main business and shops are located near the water, catering to us sailors without the automobiles to drive all over the  islands for shopping.

Just a few of the sites available to us would be:
(Skipper is getting these sites together for you... should see soon!)