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Sailing Schools

   Skipper Steve works with several Sailing Schools when teaching sail classes.  All of these classes are taught on the water and either on MARI'S LEONARDO or on a charter school vessel.

   The Schools involved have been Rob Swain Sailing School on Tortola, BVI, BUT after three years with this school, I CAN NOT recommend Rob and Gina's sailing school anymore ; however, ASA Passion-Yachts in Oregon is a great school to enroll with, and in the USVI and BVI areas please contact Derek at Charterhouse Yacht Club, for ASA courses and chartering on MARI'S LEONARDO.

Contactderek@charterhouseyc.comfor more information.

Arrangements may be made with this school at Booking time to assure a certified class instruction while vacationing with Skipper Steve. 

You may also contact Capt.Steve at for further information.